What We Do
Performance / Compliance Audits

Are you sure that you are getting what is required from your lift system? Minc EC can review and audit your current lift service and provider and:
  • Review current breakdown and maintenance quality performed.
  • Review current contract vs market pricing
  • Look at the longevity and future support for your product installed.
  • Advise on compliance to current and latest codes and WHS issues.
  • Provide written report and suggestions for improvements.
Designs & Specifications

Using the latest design and traffic analysis tools, Minc EC can assist in the design of the lift system to ensure that the best performance is provided based on the latest technology.
  • Traffic studies and analysis against PCA and industry guidelines.
  • Detailed specifications and scope of works.
  • Tender process, review analysis and negotiations.
  • Design coordination.
  • Contract negotiations.
Project Management
The management of the whole process can be a daunting task - but not with Minc EC. We are trained and specialize in ensuring the whole process is controlled and managed on our customers’ behalf. The unique Minc EC Project Management Plan will ensure that all parties are clear on what is required, monitored constantly and all parties informed of progress and actions. The Minc EC Project Management Plan covers:
  • Approvals and coordination of all design and aesthetics.
  • Review of special maintenance plans throughout the works.
  • Review and management of Safety and Quality plans for onsite peace of mind.
  • Approval of all payments and cash flow.
  • Monitor and reviewing Contractors Schedule, personnel progress and logistics off and on site.
  • Coordination and information sessions with tenants, building users and owners.
  • Regular inspections and acceptance testing through to end of Defects Liability Period.
  • Negotiations with contractors for ongoing maintenance agreements.
Portfolio Management
Whether it’s one lift or a portfolio of buildings, the management of the ongoing maintenance needs regular, periodic review and scrutiny. Minc EC knows what can and should be provided and will ensure the owners and customers get the services at a quality level they deserve. Minc EC has the tools and know how to:
  • Regular review of maintenance, breakdowns analysis and performance targets of lift systems and providers.
  • Contract with specifications and results which are performance based.
  • Recommend contractors based on knowledge of which providers are best to service the product with assistance using the balanced Minc EC selection criteria.
  • Implement the unique Minc EC Initial overhaul program providing instant improvements.
  • Scrutinize and approve all payments, based on evidence of works done.
  • Advice on upgrades and modernizations.
Special Services

Minc EC also provides specialist services:
  • Insurance Claims inspections and assessments.
  • Expert witness in litigation or other claims.
  • On-site Lift Contractor management for builders and developers.
  • Technical advice and assistance.
  • Introduction to Financing options specifically developed for the body corporate market.
This Month's Specials

Condition Report for lifts with a discount for additional units

This month Minc Elevator Consulting offers an on-site inspection and Condition Report. Why not find out the condition of your lifts and the quality of the service your are getting from your lift supplier? It's well worth the costs.

Please see our Condition Report Brochure for more details.

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